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We actually encourage your
participation in your
transaction by making it
possible to see visually
what we are talking about
thru an interactive highly
encrypted safe internet
Seeing is believing!
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What should you do if it's not convenient to meet your
loan or real estate professional face to face regarding
your time sensitive real estate or financing matters?  

  •        Should you miss work, or miss the low rate window?
  •        Should you delay your meeting and be stressed or    
                  move forward and be immediately inconvenienced?

You may be familiar with doing most of your contacts or filling in
applications in person or on the phone, or perhaps you have had
your documents mailed or emailed to you?  You may even have
completed your last application or reviewed your contract or
Multiple Listing Comparable Market Analysis on your Loan
Officer's /Realtor's websites.  
This is a thing of the past!

Now, Des Plaines based,  Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
and also it's affiliates
1st Commercial Funding and Richland
- with Lending officer, Lisa Compean, have taken her
clients' convenience and her customer's experience a step
further.  Always mindful of the value of a client's time, Ms.
Compean, now offers Instant Virtual Meetings using a unique
interactive method for the company meetings she conducts with
her clients including 5 or more participant conferencing.

A simple to use software tool that allows us her offer a highly
interactive process.  "While my clients watch my Desktop screen, I
introduce myself "live" using my web cam and on a bad hair day,
just a still picture..." Lisa adds with a wink and smile.  "On a loan
application, I can then review my clients needs, show myself
completing applications, pull, review
& Discuss their credit report,
show them
their Good Faith Estimate on the spot, and make my
financial recommendations.  

For Real Estate we zoom in on the property, via satellite, go over
the listing information/tax reports and literally, compose a
targeted relevant Comparative Market Analysis right on the spot."

"If my clients couldn't meet with me 'face to face,'" Lisa Compean
explains, "the traditional way of doing business was to just 'tell or
describe' loan options and properties to my clients even in
person paper listing sheets just don't show the level of picture
details necessary to make decisions of value.

Now, I'm not only able to 'tell' my clients why I've made the
specific recommendations, but I'm able to 'show them' why -
as they watch from the convenience of their home or work PC.
My clients tell me how much they appreciate the added conven-
ience, how much more clear their choices are, and how easy
their decisions have become. The bottom line is that it saves
us BOTH time and money, and of course everyone benefits.
I can offer a more competitive loan package in less time, and
I generate lots of loans from referrals, without the added
expense of advertising or driving around town that most of my
competition has to pay for and ultimately charge their client for."

I asked Lisa if this was something that other loan professionals
offer.  She stated that  "There are a growing number of loan
professionals offering this service nationwide, mostly Lenders
and Brokers who are committed to helping their clients save
more time and money.  But it's like anything else - some things
are just as easy "not to offer" and if you don't have much to say or
you really don't know your business it could be intimidating to be
literally "Online!"

For more information on how you can meet Lisa Compean for
a convenient mortgage planning session or real estate
transaction consultation, and an
Instant Virtual Meeting , call Lisa
Compean -Ofc-2-Cell: at
or email

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