The Professional Realty Partners Teams
invite you to an Interactive Web Session

Professional Realty Partners, Inc.- Real Estate

Richland Mortgage - Residential Financing

1st Commercial Funding - Commercial Funding

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1.  Click on the icon to the right and download the Yugma installer to your desktop >
2.  Click and Open the Yugma download

3.  Refer to your Email or Call for
Join Session ID information or
Tech Support.
               (888-670-5060 Option 5021-  Client Services)

4.  Enter this information into the
Join Session Box and press "Join"

A control tool box will open up and when the moderator begins the
session, desktop sharing of the moderators desktop will activate- a
demonstration of the shared tools will be presented to allow you to
ask specific interactive questions regarding the materials presented.

Enjoy your Yugma
collaboration meeting!

When you are done with the session you may keep the download for
future use or delete it.  The
"Uninstaller" is located inside the "Start"
menu button
, then click "Programs" list -look for "Yugma" highlight
and scroll over to Uninstall, click
and say Yes you want to uninstall.