Basic Instructions:  Fill-in the form above to be directed to the Web Conferencing Room
Then click
"JOIN"  at the lower right-hand side to enter the light blue
Reception area where you may hold for other participants to enter the room.
The Moderator activates the Desktop Share Meeting.  For help, see the
.pdf screenshots "how to" overview to get started  

One-on-One meetings use direct phone interaction- We will call you at the number you give us above!

Multiple Participant Meetings- An email will go out with the Phone number and Access Code to call-in on.  Once in the Conference, If you
have questions, you may enter them as a text message in the lower right-hand side box or Clicking on the "hand" will allow you to be
selected to verbally ask questions while in "multiple person meetings".  Otherwise, you may interactively chat as the seminar progresses to
ensure you understand the topics presented by pressing
*6 to Mute and Un-Mute your phone-there will be a Question and Answer period at
the end of all Conferences- so please keep your questions during the meeting at a minimum.
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.
* Buy   * Sell   * Finance   * Consult

also presenting Loan Officers from
Richland Financial and 1st Commercial Funding
                        Interactive Class Topics

Each class is unique and this is because the questions our
participants ask will be different each time!  

We invite you to pick a topic and we will email you the Date,
Time & Class connection info.

Class sizes are limited to 5 total participants.  If you are
interested in participating please Pre-register to set an
appointment or attend the next scheduled meeting.  
Class Descriptions/Sign Up form

You can be notified of the next planned date via email, phone or
 or text message if you so request.

MORE on Live Conferencing

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Meet Lisa Live!
How to- Interactively Conference *

By Invitation Only!

* Must have an Internet Connection for Video portion & a
telephone for Audio available
Professional Realty Partners, Inc.

using "Green Innovation Concepts" to
conserve our environmental resources
communicate more effectively
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